For this project I used photographs by Karl Blossfeldt that I got from the Rijk Museum website. Thus my work is based on his "inventory of fundamental plant forms and structures".
On these initially monochrome images, I applied a RGB color profile then I went to find certain pixels that I stretched until I transformed them into large color bubbles.
I also applied deformations, created a specific background to each image and provoked some computer glitches (the rectangular structures that appear in the color bubbles) that refer to the generative and unexpected properties of plants.
"My plant materials must be involved in restoring the link with Nature. They should reawaken sense for Nature, reveal the treasures rich in nature and encourage the observation of our local fauna."
My approach is to revive this link with nature by bringing an evolution,
a sign of life, to Karl Blossefldt's centenary photographic herbarium.
The production, unfinished, was extended over several years which explains an aesthetic and technical evolution according to the chronology. 

The first images were born from an off-topic given back to my graphic design teacher at
éc a l.


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